Vehicle/Chassis Modification
Log Bolster Attachments
Towing Connections
Load Anchorage Installation
Static Roll Threshold  (SRT)
Protective Structures
Dangerous Goods

TRANZDEC provides heavy vehicle certification for log bolster attachments, and can issue Statements of Design Compliance (SoDC) and LT400's. These include fixed, sliding and resilient mounts for both trucks and trailers. 

We offer a complete solution, providing a design and drawings, working with the workshop of your choice, then issuing the SoDC and LT400.

If you are a Certified Manufacturer (CM), we can work with your designs and issue the SoDC.

Do you need your exisitng log bolster mounts recertified?

We can recertify most manufacturers mounts.

Are your mounts damaged, or have they failed a CoF?

We can issue repair instructions and certify the repairs.